Zain Kalan: Emptiness of War:

Emptiness is defined in the Republic Galactic Basic Dictionary
as a state of containing nothing. A nothingness.
It is a quality of lacking meaning or sincerity. A meaninglessness.
It is a quality of having no value or purpose. A futility.

He opened the panel on his arm and extracted a bit of shrapnel.
Stupid. Very stupid.

The Jedi had roped him into fighting their war as a proxy. Used his feelings he had for one of their members to their advantage.

Smart. Smart of them.

These Sith are genocidal madmen who gleefully delight in causing destruction.
They are the opposite of good.
Worse than Jedi.
Worse than the Republic.
Worse than the Ascendacy.
Worse than the Exchange and Cartels.

I have a lot of frustration and the healthiest way to channel it is in destroying our enemies.

Be a good little pawn. That’s what soldiers are. 
We fight the wars for the philosophers and politicians.
We do the actual fighting.
We are their living game pieces
that are used to see whose might makes right...

There will be no more comforting and consolement. Ever again.
He closed the panel after repairing the damage to the cybernetic limb.

I don’t think that loving her was bad. I am not a Jedi though. I will still help her and her master.
He sighed and machined a piece of a new gauntlet over his workbench.
Stupid. Very stupid.

It is the right thing. It feels wrong but is right. 
They say so. So they say.

People say lots of things.

Alright. Ready to protect my best friend and her master, who is also a friend. My vibrosword and axe are sharpened to a razor’s edge. There are lots of Sith who need to die.

**Our friendship does not mean nothing.**

End transmission.