Housing Guide

Wanting to know what sort of house to ask for when buying? Here’s something to help out.
Also see Amon’s Guide on buildings although it may be a little outdated by now.

Atmosphere bonus?
Atmosphere bonuses from houses can help crafting, or give an XP bonus up to 150% (Possibly increasing 500 xp to 1250xp for example). You get this bonus by filling houses with furniture. Each furniture gives 2% normally, but furniture made with Structure + materials can give better bonuses, so even with small residents, you can hit that 150% XP bonus by using better quality furniture.

Resident 'types’

  • Apartments: Apartments can be rented from the tower in the corner of Veles. They have smaller furniture capacities, but can contain containers, terminals, and furniture. They also get an XP atmosphere bonus from terminals and containers. Small = 30 capacity, 200 creds per day, medium= 40 capacity, 300 creds, Large = 50 capacity 300 creds.
  • Houses: These are buildings you can put on owned land, and give an XP bonus based on atmosphere. They get no bonus from containers, and you cannot put crafting terminals in them.
  • Workshops: Workshops don’t give an atmosphere bonus to xp, but can help the chances of property transfers while crafting (Currently you only need 65% atmosphere bonus to get the best results). They don’t get an atmosphere bonus from chests or terminals, but do from furniture.
  • Spaceships: To come.

Building sizes
CPU is limited by the size and quality of a base’s tower, so buildings that take up more CPU might be less appealing to land owners than smaller buildings that can get the job done just as well. Structure capacity can be increased by using Structure + materials during crafting.
Small- costs 2 CPU, structure capacity 55.
Medium- 5 CPU, structure capacity 65.
Large- 10 CPU, structure capacity 75.

Interior Appearances



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