Amons Guide to Buildings

Look at you! You’ve lucked out! Not only have you managed to get some land, you’ve captured a wild fabricator and are willing to torment them until they make buildings for you!

One problem…

What do you want, and how is it going to work?! Uh oh, you’ve got to feed and muck out the fabricator again… Let’s start with the basics.

Land reverts to Neutral if you don’t put a tower on it within six hours, so make sure you have one ahead of time, or can get one made quickly!


So, Towers allow you to control and protect your land from attack, they also determine how many buildings you can maintain and helpfully collect and hold the materials from any given drills you have working on your land. So, clearly which tower you choose has a big effect on what you can do with your land. The bigger the tower, the more fuel it will use, and the quicker it will run out.


Power: Each building on your land consumes a certain amount of power, attempting to place a building that would take you above your power cap will fail. NOTHING WILL BE LOST ON FAILURE, so don’t panic if you do this accidentally.

CPU: The Processing power of the tower, it works in a similar way to the Power property

Fuel: The Towers fuel capacity, this is the amount it can hold. The duration a tower remains powered is dependent on this fuel capacity. The higher the capacity, the longer a tower of its class remains powered.

Stronidium: The galaxy is a dangerous place, and people might want to steal your hard earned land. Your Stronidium reserves power your towers shields. These kick in when your tower is damaged to a particular level, making your tower invulnerable for a period of time, BUT ONLY IF THE TOWER IS FUELLED. If you run out of fuel while under attack, it’s goodnight Irene. At Base, a full load of Stronidium (7200 units) lasts 12 hours.

Resource Bay: This is the number of resources your tower will accept from your Drills. Once full, your drills are useless until you take something out of your towers resource bay.

How long do they stay powered? On a full load of fuel, a Small tower will last just over 10 days, A medium just over 3 and a half days, and a Large is going to want a top up every day and a half.

Can I extend that using dark magic? Yes, you can! The Fuel, Stronidium and resource Capacity traits can be improved using Silos, which we will discuss in the building section.

Okay, great, but what about Power and CPU? These can also be improved, but must be done when the tower is created. There are technical things your fabricator will know that you don’t need to, all you need to know is that every +1 structure bonus on a tower gives it +3 power and +2 CPU. Easy as that!

How much +structure can I get? Theoretically you can get +31 on a small tower, and +17 on a medium tower. Large towers are unlikely to get more than a +1 or +2 if you are lucky.

Okay, but realistically? +21 on a small tower and +15 on a medium are easy enough to make for high end fabricators with the right materials, for a price!


Large Control Tower

Power: 240

CPU: 120

Fuel: 360

Stronidium: 7200

Resource Bay: 20

Medium Control Tower

Power: 100

CPU: 50

Fuel: 360

Stronidium: 7200

Resource Bay: 15

Small Control Tower

Power: 60

CPU: 30

Fuel: 340

Stronidium: 7200

Resource Bay: 10

Now we get into the meat of things, buildings fall into several categories; Residential/Workshops/Spaceships, Silos, Drills and Docks. These are what you’re going to use to flesh everything out, improve your towers, mine for materials, land your ships, get those sweet XP bonuses and craft the best gear. So, not important at all. :wink:

Everyone needs a space to live and work, right? These are the buildings for you! Buildings only have two real properties: Structure Capacity and CPU cost.

Structure Capacity: This is how many items you can fit into your building, split between Furniture items and Storage. Furniture items in a residential or workshop structure are worth 2% atmosphere bonus each, we will come to atmosphere bonuses in a moment.

CPU Cost: This is how much of a load the building puts on your tower, if you exceed the CPU capacity of your tower, you cannot place a building.


Large Building:
Structure Capacity: 75
CPU Cost: 10

Medium Building:
Structure Capacity: 65
CPU Cost: 5

Small Building:
Structure Capacity: 55
CPU Cost: 2

Structure Capacity: 50 (Escort) 60 (Transport) (Residential Only)
CPU Cost: Special
Spaceships are something of a special case at the moment, they can only be used as residences, and have no inherent CPU cost. However, to land them on your properties you need a Dock, and Docks have both a CPU and Power cost. You can park your Spaceship at the starports on various planets for 400cr a day.

Does +structure do anything for buildings? Yes! Each +1 structure bonus increases the capacity of your building by 1 item!

So, an atmosphere bonus changes what it does for you depending on if your building is in Residence or Workshop mode. You can switch modes with your structure tool, but it is highly recommended that you have a Residence AND a Workshop if you intend to craft in a serious way. For residences it is fairly simple, each atmosphere % is given to you directly as an XP bonus, capping at a whopping 150% bonus. For Workshops, best to follow this guide as it is more detailed than we will have time for here: [Crafting Guide] Advanced crafting - property transfer

To clarify, for both Residences and Workshops, each Non-Storage and Non-workbench item uses up 1 capacity and provides 2 atmosphere at base. This means the maximum bonuses by building with basic furniture are:
Small (55) = 110%
Medium (65) = 130%
Large (75) = 150%
Does +structure do something with furniture? Yes! Each +1 structure bonus on furniture provides an additional +2% atmosphere bonus. To make small and medium buildings efficient for Xp bonuses and Workshops you will need +structure items.

A dock allows you to land your spacecraft but are power intensive!
30 Power
Does +structure do stuff for Docks? Nope.

Silos come in three types. Fuel, Stronidium and Resources. Each rank has its own costs and benefits.
Basic: 8 Power*, 2CPU, +5%
I: 12 Power*, 3CPU, +10%
II: 16 Power*, 4CPU, +15%
III: 20 Power*, 5 CPU, +20%
IV: 24 Power, 6 CPU, +25% *(These numbers require confirmation)

Does +structure do anything for Silos? Yes! Each +1 structure is another 1%.

Drills will automatically mine materials for you, the higher the rank of a drill, the better the chance of a high quality material. At Base all drills produce 1 item per hour.
Basic: 25 power, 15CPU, 0% Chance
I: 30 power, 20CPU, +10% Chance
II: 35 power, 25CPU, +20% Chance
III: 40 power, 30CPU, +30% Chance
IV: 45 Power, 35 CPU, +40% Chance

Does +structure do anything for Drills? Yes! Each +1 structure reduces the cool down of the drill by 2 minutes.

Now you know what all this stuff does, you can whip your local fabricator until they make it for you!
Good luck!

Correction: Large Control Tower has a base Power of 265, and max Fuel of 380, not 240 and 360 as stated here.