[Crafting Guide] Advanced crafting - property transfer

When you craft an item, you have a chance to transfer all properties on the components you are using (e.g. Durability Up) onto the finished product. Doing so doesn’t just make your final item better, it also gives you more xp - so whether crafting a masterpiece or grinding out recipes for practice, you want to transfer as many properties as possible.

Summary - maximising your chance of transferring properties

  • Be 4 levels higher than the recipe DC, or 3 levels higher if you have the relevant background (e.g. Fabricator for Fabrication). This will give you a base 90% chance.
  • Have at least +80 craft skill on your gear. Each 8 ranks in skill gives you +1%, so +40 gives you +10% (being in a building with +atmosphere improves this ratio slightly)
  • For multi step recipes, aim to get your interim components to level 5 or higher, to minimise the decay in transfer chance across the process.

Effect of recipe level
The base chance of property transfer is set by the difference between your craft level (including any background bonus) and the recipe level.

  • 4 levels below = 10%
  • 3 levels below = 15%
  • 2 levels below = 25%
  • 1 level below = 35%
  • Same level = 50%
  • 1 level above = 65%
  • 2 levels above = 75%
  • 3 levels above = 85%
  • 4 or more levels above = 90%

If you are in a workshop with 15 atmosphere bonus you get a +2% bonus, if you have 60+ atmosphere the bonus rises to 4%, but the chance can not exceed 90% (so atmosphere will not help if you are 4 levels higher).

(Atmosphere also increases crafting speed. 5 atmosphere bonus gets you +10%. 45 atmosphere increases the bonus to 20%).

Effect of craft skill bonus on items
The total skill bonus across all your items gives you a bonus % chance.

The total skill is multiplied by 0.5, or 0.6 if you are in a workshop with at least 25 atmosphere, or 0.7 if you are in a workshop with at least 75 atmosphere.

The modified skill then gives you +1% for every 4 points.

For example, if you have a total of +40 of your craft skill on your items, you will get +5%, +6% or +7% chance to transfer properties depending on the atmosphere bonus you have.

Effect of transferring multiple properties from a single component
Each component can have multiple properties, and an item is usually constructed from multiple components.

The first property to be transferred in each crafting attempt has the maximum chance to transfer. However, each subsequent property across all components suffers a cumulative penalty for each property successfully transferred so far. The decay % varies with component level (and durability properties don’t cause decay).
Level 0-1 - 1-19%
Level 2 - 1-9%
Level 3 - 1-6%
Level 4 - 1-4%
Level 5+ - 1-3%
So if your base chance is 90% for the first property (and it’s successfully transferred), and you use a level 1 component, the chance for the second property will be between 71 and 89%, for the third property will be between 53 and 88%, and so on.

Therefore, for best results, build up interim components that are level 5 or higher, so that when you combine large numbers of properties at the end, you keep your decay from getting too high. Also, since properties from “main” components are applied first (then secondary, then tertiary, then enhancement) it’s best to put your most important properties on your main components.