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This is a small index, with collected guides, produced by the other games, players and dms. I will try to update this index as far as possible. And make a better organization, when we have more material inside the forum.

Please ask me or a moderator to edit this post to add your guide or external link for importante ingame, related information.

Important links
External links:

Star Wars .com. Check Blog and Databank


Star Wars Fandom

(in the future, I add more external sources of information)

[Crafting Guide] Understanding basics and crafting your first weapon and armor

Crafting properties List

[Crafting Guide] Advanced crafting - property transfer

Bases 101 - introduction to base building

Scanning and Harversting guide

Viscara - The Diamond in the Rough (Starting Planet)

Current Setting on the Timeline: 3959 BBY

Czerka Corporation (external link)

Mandalorian Lore: Culture

Mandalorian Lore: Mandalorian Trials

Mandalorian Lore: Mandalorian Ranks

Mandalorian Personal Starships

Galactic Standard Calendar (External Link)

Second Jedi civil war (External link)

Corellian Jedi (External Link)

NWN SWLOR Character Planner

[Perk Guide] Lucky

Chat, Languages, and How To Speak Them


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