NWN SWLOR Character Planner

Here’s the link to the google sheets:

Copy it to your own drive so you can start planning ahead for your characters!

Make sure to only touch anything that has white backgrounds. Let me know if you find any typo.

There are plans to convert it into excel, though many of the functionalities I used in Google Sheets don’t transcribe over to Excel as easily. If anyone has the expertise in MS Excel, feel free to convert the planner!

Planned features are:

  • Add a filter to sort the skills and perks without messing up the orders.
  • Add a script to automate the process of updating skills and perks from importing the website exported JSON files.

Let me know if you have any suggestions or help to offer!

Older versions: (Skills & Perks outdated, manual updates required)
Character Planner v1.4.2a
Character Planner v1.3.1
Character Planner v1.2b7
Character Planner v1.1a
Character Planner v1.01

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  1. I clicked on the link but I can’t start using the Character Planner, what can I do?
    – To begin using the Character Planner, go to “Files” on the top left, and then select “Make a Copy to…” your own google drive.

  2. Help! It says something about an unverified script is trying to run, what can I do?
    – In order to utilize the script, you’ll have to allow it access by pressing on “Advanced”, “SWLOR Character Planner”, and then the Allow button.

  3. I have an older version of the planner and I don’t want to do all the massive amount of clicking again every time there’s an update. What can I do?
    – You can box the white section of the skills and perks and manually copy and paste them. If you access the named ranges, that can also help you box the area with ease. Note that it’s safe to copy and paste from a different google sheet to another. But on the same sheet, it’s better to paste special with values only, so new data validations aren’t overwritten.

  4. I accidentally pressed the “Reset” button and wiped all of my stuffs! What can I do?
    – Hurry, hit the undo button or Ctrl + Z until everything’s back to normal!

  5. Do I have to copy the whole Character Planner and repeat the above steps every time there’s a small update?
    – Not at all! If it’s something that’s constantly changing such as Perks or Skills, every time there’s an update, you can copy and paste the specific section by heading to the newest version’s Perk or Skill tab, Ctrl + A, Ctrl + C, go to your character planner’s Perk or Skill Tab, and Ctrl + P.

I made a script that can be used to clear data you just have to run it. If you can figure out how to make it so they have a button or what ever to press to use it you can use it.


function reset() {
var sheet = SpreadsheetApp.getActive().getSheetByName(‘Character Planner 1.01’);

var rangelist =sheet.getRangeList(['C2:C102']).clearContent();
var rangelist =sheet.getRangeList(['D2:D102']).clearContent();   
var rangelist =sheet.getRangeList(['I2:I102']).clearContent();
var rangelist =sheet.getRangeList(['E2:E102']).clearContent();
var rangelist =sheet.getRangeList(['J2:J102']).clearContent();
var rangelist =sheet.getRangeList(['K2:K102']).clearContent();   


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New version released, v1.1 now has a reset button, duplicate skills and perks will be highlighted and warned, and added the category for the perks to sort things out. The category corresponds to the Skills section, with an addition of “General” for perks that doesn’t have skill rank requirements. (General and Stances)

Thanks to Taelon for the code!

Also, for the reset button to work on your google sheet, you’ll need to allow the script access. If a warning sign pops up, scroll down to advanced, click on “SWLOR Character Planner”, and allow it access.

Edit: Updated the placeholder to be F.A.Q. section. If you guys don’t like the Category added to the perk section, let me know!

Edit 2: Updated from v1.1 to v1.1a with a hotfix. The Perk Check is now available! You can simply copy that particular column to your current planner and it should start working!

New update! Character Planner 1.2 is now available in a new link on the original post.

Here are the list of changes:

  • Updated the Perk list
  • Added primary, secondary, and tertiary stats and their calculation

1.2a Hotfix:
There’s a 70 stat cap from skill ranks. The values next to the attribute spread are updated. (Copy B15:B20 to your current spread sheet!)
1.2a1 Hotfix:
Fixed Electric Fist from under Scavenging to Martial Arts
1.2b Hotfix:
Added 5 extra SP to the initial pool as well as a blank section to fill in any potential bonus SP (Freelancer background for example)
1.2b1 Update:
Added Freelancer background toggle to calculate the 3 extra SP
1.2b2 Update:
Added Deflect Blaster Fire, Improved Crit - Lightsabers, Weapon Focus - Lightsabers to the perk section
1.2b3 Hotfix:
Fixed Speedy First Aid perk rank requirements
1.2b4 Update:
Updated Blaster Pistol/Rifle proficiency to be 15 ranks
Updated Saberstaff to be Two-Handed requirements except for the Mastery perks.

Don’t forget that players start out with 5 SP (8 if they have the Freelancer background)

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Thanks for letting me know, Missy. I have now updated the link to include that extra 5SP as well as a blank section for players to fill in for any possible extra SP.

I should incorporate backgrounds into the Character Planner at some point.

I don’t have much to add here other than to say nice job with the planner. Super impressive!

I’m very interested in whatever builds you guys come up with. It’ll help us design new enemy types - the ones we have at the moment are very one-dimensional. I’d like to expand on this after we launch to make it more interesting.

If you don’t mind sharing your builds, please PM me either here on the forums or on Discord. It really helps!

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Updated the Character Planner to 1.2b6 with the following fix:

Fabrication now has the correct requirements (used to be Engineering)
Engineering now has all the Mod Installation perks.

Also, can anyone provide feedback on the “Reset” button? As in, did you bother giving the verification and what not for the script? I have the auto-update for skill page ready, the perks page is still WIP. However, it requires the scripts to be enabled for use. If no one has a use for it, I wouldn’t bother putting it up on the planner.

Last but not least, if there’s an update or typo, please let me know what has changed!

The newest version of Character Planner is now available. Please let me know if anything’s not updated or incorrect, thanks.

Detailed changes:
Light/Dark Side --> Force Combat/Support/Utility
Force Armor’s stats: Cha/Wis/Int --> Con/Cha/Wis
No more Utility Skills, Medicine is moved under Crafting

1.3.1 Update:

  • Updated all of the Efficiency/Optimization prerequisites and SP cost
  • Added the Lightsaber and Saberstaff Perks
  • Updated Lightsaber Blueprint’s prerequisites from Engineering to Lightsaber
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1.4.2 Harvesting Update:

  • Moved all refining perks from Engineering to Harvesting
  • Added more Harvesting Perks

1.4.1a Perk Fix:

  • Electric Fist: changed requirement from Scavenging to Martial Arts

1.4.1 Perk Fix:

  • Baton: Added Knockdown perk
  • Pilot: Fixed level typo and skill accumulation.

1.4 Pilot Update

  • Medicine should be now under Crafting
  • Piloting is now added

The prereq levels are wrong for Force Utility powers. I was able to get Force Spread after level 5, not 20 :smiley:

Updated, feel free to send a direct message to or @Kenji me on Discord if you find any more typos or out dated stuffs.

1.5 Balance Update:

  • Combined lots of redundant Mod Installation perks
  • Updated the Force Perks
  • Shield Proficiency Added
  • Fixed Harvesting under Crafting instead of Gathering category

@Kenji on Discord or here and let me know what needs updating!