Journal of a lost soldier

Personnel Profile:

Name: Vrarc’adushi’lasheqo
Age: 21
Birthplace: Csilla
Status: Healthy
Rank: Private
Placement: Expansionary Defense Fleet
Eye Color: Red
Hair Color: Black
Weapon Training: Pistols
Status: Assigned to Ambassadorial escort fleet B-36.

Private Adush has been assigned to the escort fleet to Corellia to discuss a new proto-type weapon design for military use. Private Adush has been entrusted with the plans as we have broken up all trade values into different fleet ships to prevent any one ship being taken down and looting all the goods. Private Adush has a family history of being dependable as his father is one of our own Commanders who is off on unit A-25 in comparison to the Privates unit B-36.

Trip is expected to go smoothly, sell or trade the blueprints for the set value, then return. His Captain will be reviewing Private Adush upon his return to see about possible promotion.

Report log…

Private Adush of the Expansionary Defense Fleet, my ship during the escort of one of our dignitaries came under hostile enemies suspected to be Mandalorian fleets. Several of the other ships have been destroyed. Ours was badly damaged.

Captain Gavan managed to dock us into CZ-220 but his health was already critical by the time we managed to limp in. He passed away a few hours after docking, the ship being useless other then for parts was claimed by the Colony for medical fees and repair costs for the damage done to the dock.

Thus far I have been unable to contact my superiors who I am unsure if they survived the attack or have moved beyond the limited reach of my communicator. I have already found another Chiss here named Eamuna and am working with her to settle in as I am unsure how long I may be here.

Any officers that receive this report, please contact me on the colony planet Veles. Private Adush out.

Report log…

Justice for the Captain has been dealt, having found a base of theirs here on the colony I killed their leader with the memory of our Captain in the front of my mind. His death was quicker then the Captains yet just as painful. He has been avenged and can now rest peacefully knowing that his honor in death has been restored.

I will be taking some time to rest shortly as I have been working non stop to gain credits up and have secured a room here. Room information has been attached for the Veles Colony apartments and which specific room number with full access passcode.

I will continue my work here to better myself and proceed to work to get home unless it continues to prove fruitless.

Private Adush out.

Report Log…

I am still stranded here with no signs of my fleet, the signs do not look good. I still have the cannister I was safeguarding and I begin to wonder if it could help me start a better life here. I have met two other Chiss here, one of which being an Engineer none the less which could make this run much more smoothly if she can be trusted.

Met a Cyborg named Zain. He has been a very…interesting sort. He has found the Jedi have all but turned their back on him, not an uncommon for those who deem themselves gods over the Force and anyone that doesn’t use it. Perhaps I can save him from their rejection and guide him away from that foul practice. He will never be Chiss, but at least I can put him on the right path.

Never eat at Racin Jims, the food is beyond putrid and disgusting. I wont even go into what it did to my stomach a while after eating there. Nasty stuff for sure. I think I will stick to rations. Hopefully soon I will hear back something from someone with Rank, next is to send letter back to Csilla.

Report Log…

I was attacked today by a Human male named Andro, with cropped black hair, heavy full plate with a twin bladed sword and twin lightsabers colored Green and Red. He is a force user striking with a lightening attack. I have placed notice on the Holonet to ensure all Chiss in the area are aware of his attempted murder of me when I awoke from the Med Evac group.

The sabers cut fairly deep into the right side of my face, the doctor said there will almost definitely be heavy scarring from it. It did not take long for the Chiss of the planet to reach out to me as I warned him in advance they would. All because I tried to speak to him when he came in and started taking from my kills. The coward will get whats coming in time for sure.

Report Log…

I have taken on a recruit, yet he has to be the strangest recruit I have ever met. Zain is a young human male with cybernetic augmentation that uses the Force, much to my own displeasure. He is a strange man but strongly in need of heavy discipline, self respect, self worth and self confidence. Eamuna asked me to take him on and I agreed at her request of me, after immediately banning him from any force use in my presence.

I hope he understands what he has signed up for as I won’t put up with his five year old babble. I have already set him to running ten laps every day out of armor and without weapons between Coxxian and the Mandalorian base. Will give him some discipline.

My wounds have healed thanks to Lanari. Andro has left a rather nasty scar down the right side of my face and I know Burl was dealing with it. The scar will at least be an interesting story to tell others back home some day. I still wait for response from my superiors on what to do with the Cargo, hopefully I will hear back soon on it.

Report Log…

Non Chiss are very confusing. They never seem to truly know what they want and are quick to be offended when you explain why your race doesn’t have half the problems of other races. Our unity makes us stronger then most races. Do I consider that special about our people? Definitely. We have accomplished what will take most races another five or six thousand years to achieve if ever.

I am tired of being poor though. I finally spent a night mining and starting with a hundred and fifty credits, brought myself up to seven thousand after three back breaking loads of ore. Its a lot of work and dedication to make up any coin but I have my rent paid for a month and can be more comfortable as I go.

Looking good. Approved, as you have a decent understanding of the race and its traits. Contact a DM ingame for your EXP bonus.

Report Log…

Many do not understand the ways of our people, they get offended when I speak of how advanced we are to most cultures. How many though can truthfully say, they will willingly die for the whole over the one? I am not important if it comes down to choosing my life to two, or fifty, my life is forfeit first. Always is it for the whole over the one.

Even being tested on by another Chiss, is an honor for a soldier. We suffer the outcome so the majority may have a better and healthier life. Her medical breakthrough could save dozens at the cost of my discomfort and pain. Such is honorable. Such is the life of a Soldier. A path I am proud to walk on.

One might wonder how that makes us special, why we deem ourselves unique in this way? Simply put, we do not put the self before the majority. Such thought process is flawed and is unheard of for us. We have ascended the self and moved on to the whole. Such is why we have advanced as far as we have.

I will continue doing what is necessary for my people. Were I ordered today by the Ascendancy that the Czerka faction had become a threat to my kin and to wipe them all out or die trying, I would load up on ammo, head to their main Tower, and open fire. I would either kill them all, or die trying as ordered with no hesitation for my people. There is no Self in our people, there is the Majority. That is our people.

Many will not understand the orders I gave Zain. Forget his past, his parents, the racing. If its not building you up, throw it away. Its a harsh order, but yet one he came to understand. The rebuilding process is slowly working. It is slow but it already shows progress. He needs very specific orders and guidance though. How things are worded effects how he responds. Orders need to be clear and exact so he understands them specifically at this stage.

He does have potential though, I wont see him wasted. If the “Jedi” he values so much refuse him, then pike them, I will take him and put him to good use. He’s a soldier by design. He’s only just starting to realize it though. So stuck in what this Sentinel meant that he wasn’t looking at what his heart told him he was. I quickly got to the bottom of that and exposed it to him. He was, needless to say shocked at the revelation.

He has promise and potential. I will continue building him up and watching him grow and bloom under our training. Our training works, it has worked for ages and it will continue to work for those trained under it. Sometimes to find ourselves, we must be broken from everything we were, to be rebuilt once more into what we are meant to be.

Report Log…

My reply has come, a speech of a great future, with the threat of what would happen if I fail. We cannot fail at all. We will succeed because I know the Republic would jump through black holes to get this. Its just a matter of actually being able to produce them and get them where they can see working models.

I cannot deny the enjoyment of hearing Andro squirm as he now realizes I have his pinky. He thinks he can get it back, but I would sooner destroy it then see it back with him. It was a cost he had to pay. Now he can suffer for it as I had to suffer the scar on my face because of him.

I have started Rifle training and will be picking up my Martial training again as well. Eamuna is preparing the rifle even as I write this so that I can do better in the future.

Report Log…

Eamuna has signed on as my Chief Engineer for the project, Asithe seems to have gotten cold feet. Must have been being on this planet for so long. The project cannot stop production to wait for her. She will either shape up as she must as is the Chiss way, or she will be left behind. There is no room in this for second guessing. My own life is on the line for this and I must come up with a way to impress the Ascendancy.

I really hope she shapes up. She has great personality, though cold feet is not something she needs right now. She needs to step up and work with us. I may bring on Zain as secondary security. Especially when we get production going.

Report Log…

Asithe got cold feet and backed out, such is fine and things need to keep moving forward. I have found an investor for us in Lanari whom has provided land, property, a workshop and a dock. The costs back are marginal in the end I believe, one of each new gun, and 15% of all sales for three years. A fair trade off it seems to me. Things are running smoothly, so far. Though it is my head on the line if things fail now, more then one way.

Personal log…

How is it my training, my time in the Military…has been entirely for nothing. Eamuna today even mocked that I am far too weak to carry a basic load of ore…that with the exact same amount that took me to a crawl, she could still run as if it was nothing. She can out maneuver me, outfight me, outrun me, and she is a basic engineer, so can Zain, so can most of these people on this planet that have been nothing but civilians?

Trophies to date to be kept up as we go.

  1. Pinky of Andro - Attempted murder on a Private of the Expansionary Defense Force, was cut down by Burl and at request, pinky was retrieved as a Trophy of the vengeance.
  • His honor has been restored and his pinky returned after making an apology over the holonet for the attack and dishonoring me over the holonet.


  1. Vellen boss monster (Blackhide the Seer) - Finger taken after I put a bolt in the back of her head while Althea and a group of others kept her busy after she had murdered a large group of Czerka miners and workers.

Report Log…

Spent the morning training Zain, advising him and teaching him more about patience and slowing down. Only had to physically punish him once for disobeying orders. We spent most of the rest of the time discussing cultures, Csilla and his upcoming surgery. Medical evaluation by Eamuna does not seem good, I have made a request from Csilla to send me some of the metals and cybernetic blueprints for bodies to better enable the surgery required.

Zain has officially signed up with the Ascendancy with full understanding of the risks that come with such. He has been added to the Ascendancy Militia listing and if he proves himself, he may be recognized by Csilla itself, but that is a long way off from now. He has a lot to do to earn that right and rank. For now his spine and arms need full diagnostic review and treatment. Eamuna has been authorized to make any medical orders required of her.

Since travel to Mon Cala I have come to understand why my Superiors are very upset with this incident. We were far off course. Why I do not understand. Though I know now that my own life may hang in the balance if I cannot get this to work. Then again, they may choose to see me as guilty of deserting anyways and order my death. Such would be a grave dishonor to my family and self sacrifice at that point would be the only way to restore it. Forgive me father.

Report Log…

A decision had to be made. One that came to me fairly easily. Seela proves just how cowardly the Jedi truly are when they are met with something they don’t like or don’t approve of, their first response is to promise to kill you. Seriously? Because I was insistent that my Recruit has the best possible materials to enhance his health? She claims she is the greatest Engineer in the entire universe, Bullshit. Anyone that can sit there and claim such, is so full of hot air, their heads are in the stratosphere.

The moment she threatened my life over my Recruit, I lost all trust and respect in her as a medical professional, I already distrusted the Jedi and well, she sealed the deal. Zain will not be seeing her as a doctor. Eamuna will be taking over his medical care exclusively with Rathi. I still respect Althea, she said some snide words but she was defending her friend and it is the cultural difference between us. Seela though is considered a dishonorable coward before the Chiss due to her cowardly actions.

She is even so ignorant and self absorbed that she thinks because she can take on the Mandalorians she could take on the entire Ascendancy, pfft please, I doubt she can even handle Rathi let alone the Ascendancy. Love to see what she could do without her force powers protecting her as we have ways to prevent them back home. More and more the Jedi prove they are cowardly dogs.

Report Log…

Several updates, Seela apologized after a blow up on Mon Cala as she came to realize that threatening me over my Recruit was not going to be tolerated nor acceptable to do so to me over us both trying to protect and look after him.

Zain has been kicked from the Jedi, it upsets him but as I have told him, to hell with them, he still has the Ascendancy, I do not understand why he obsesses over these Jedi who treat him so poorly?

He has had his surgeries, by the sounds of it, it became an emergency situation that required immediate medical intervention. His new parts seem to be working quite well, if perhaps a bit too strong at the moment, a simple sparring match dislocated my right arm when he lost control of his strength.

Zain seems to have created a family bond with myself, Eamuna and Lanari, one I think will have to be discussed with some seriousness between ourselves. It is not entirely unheard of to adopt, though the choices he’s made has paired us up as well. It is a curious situation.

I am currently working on overcoming my bodies reaction to the planets atmosphere, it really does not enjoy the change. This will pass and I am more then capable of managing it.

Report Log…

Zain has stood and claimed honor as a front line war hero. He is proving more and more he is more Chiss then human and it is something I take great pride in that I have taught him so well. He has finally given up the chase for those fool Jedi that cannot realize his true potential. Thankfully that is settled, he will now be remaining with the Chiss. Serving the Ascendancy where he belongs at my side with Eamuna.

Personal Log…

I have decided to adopt Zain. He is every bit a Chiss as I am. He is just still coming into his full potential. I have sent out the paperwork to register him and keep him as my own son. I have great faith he can become far more then his birth race could ever become. He has accepted my offer with the understanding he can never be a Jedi. He has given those fools up once and for all, and likely for the better.

Report Log…

It has been a fair while since my last recorded update. I should state that right after the adoption Zain was promoted to Private of the Expansionary Defense Fleet. He is doing well in the rank though displays confidence issues that keep me hesitant from promoting him further at this time. Hes shown leadership skills from the recent challenge of rescuing of one of his own friends and I know personally he has the ability to lead. He just needs to find it within himself.

I never thought I would find myself ever respecting a Mandolorian. It is a strange case that has me respecting the very one that scarred the right side of my face, yet he has earned my respect in his death after saving my son and at his promise, ensuring he got home. Though it has cost him his own life. Four months ago I would have scoffed after he attacked me in the Mandolorian plant. Today I recognize him as a respected warrior. Andro will be at peace with his ancestors.

I am finally recovering from the super virus that ravaged my system, the coughing finally going away after almost two months in containment. Zain made me a planetary environment suit to keep temperatures regulated for me to a much more chilled level. Unlike some Chiss I actually favor the cold to the stagnant warmth. I can remember many days of my youth back home sitting up in the cave entrances taking in the cold of the planet until I would be scolded to get back below where it was warmer. I do miss home and my people, the people here are very strange with their “humor” which is entirely illogical which even Eamuna is starting to adapt to. I don’t think I will ever understand it.

I look back to my report logs now of Zain, at what he was when I took him in at Eamunas request and I am pleased by the changes. While not very confident yet he shows much more discipline, self respect and self worth. He has grown so much since coming under my guidance. I truly believe he is a true Chiss and given time and patience, he will move up in rank again. Patience is all it takes.

Report Log…

Humans seem to be one of the most confusing species in the universe. You get some that truly show gratitude for the things you do for them and their family as I saw with the Jedi Landyn who repaid the debt to my son, he wasn’t asked to. He wasn’t obligated to, he did it because he wanted to show his gratitude for Zains care for their injured.

Jace on the other, is an entirely different story. He is a great representation on how ungrateful and selfish the race can be. As an example, we did his legs and hand for free. Zain not thinking put gyroscopes into his legs as an untested prototype. When I ran some tests on my datapad for the actual design ideals, its good in theory but theres some very serious flaws to the design and putting them in for someone that can balance on their own, is exceptionally dangerous and should not be done without consult. Not to mention that the prototypes are untested and are not designed for combat, or long term wear and tear. The ones I removed were already showing signs of breaking down.

So of course I removed them from Jaces prosthetics while informing him they had to go, that they aren’t ready for this level of testing as they need a lot of work and I don’t want them suddenly breaking mid combat or climbing as his ships in the mountains and him breaking his damn neck. Of course the human had a tantrum that I was “stifling my son”. As if. That I should have his permission to take away beta testing prototypes that are a massive hazard to his health and well being. Um no, if something went wrong, we are entirely liable and I will not have that.

He can storm out and whine and bad mouth me all he wants, at the end of the day, he will get his balance back on his own, his center of gravity will balance itself. The design is a good innovation but I would reserve it personally for someone that say cannot on their own find a center of gravity due to damage to their hearing and such causing vertigo and the likes. That would assist in that. Though the product needs a lot more testing then we can do and I let Landyn take the schematics for that and the pressure plates I put in Jaces hand that are extremely sensitive and also a prototype in works. Its not exceptionally great, but will let him know when he is applying too much pressure to things.