Lightsabers should overcome DR

Well, I think it is kind of silly when I hit a Tiger or a Lizard with a lightsaber and the thing doesn’t even tickle them.

In lore lightsabers don’t have many things that can resist them, from the top of my head I can only think of: Cortosis, Phrik, beskar and Orbalisks.

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Lightsabers are already one of the stronger options with their highest damage finesse weapon and a sizeable crit range, as well as the only dex primary melee, on a dex focused server like this one that is pretty big. Their damage slumps compared to a well built melee vibro but most people can not build or afford to build one of those.
If they just negatively overcame all dr/di it would make them insanely strong especially in the tier 1-3 categories.

I was not thinking as much in balance as much as I am thinking about what makes sense, but even with that, I believe that blasters are far more unbalanced than a Lightsaber as it is now or even with a overcoming DR thing, maybe Im wrong tho or I am missing something.

Also, there can be materials that grant Lightsaber DR as stated, like cortosis or Mandalorian iron.

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So blasters have a few problems.
A damage focused lightsaber user will always out damage a damage focused blaster user.
Blasters get half their dex to damage, this is not multiplied on a critical hit, damage bonuses added to the weapon through crafting are likewise not multiplied
On the other hand lightsabers, well their damage bonus is not multiplied on a crit, their STR bonus is. they also have a good crit range, and good base damage.

High DEX characters tend to have lower STR scores though, so while they hit quite often, their hits are relatively weak.

Also, while a saber has high base damage, this doesn’t apply to foils for example. In the hands of a high DEX character, a blaster will do a lot more damage though. At least from what I’ve seen so far.

base damage of a lightsaber is 1d8 +1d4, the d4 is not supposed to double on a crit and as of now I think it does not even apply. With that in mind, a lightsaber damage output is 4.5+2.5= 7

A Blaster deals 2d6 wich is 3.5*2= 7 too. So their base damage is pretty much the same.

About Dex giving only .5 and Str applying fully to damage, this is true, but Str gives you only a bonus to hit and to damage while Dex in a Blaster grants a bonus to hit, to damage and to AC.

Actual lightsabers have higher base damage though, the 1d8 base damage is only for the foils.

But yes, in the end blasters outdamage a lightsaber except on a critical. Not to mention that one can usually get 2-3 hits in before the enemy is in melee range, which is another advantage of blasters.

I have watched Althea drop 150 damage crits if I remember right, that would be a 70+ damage base line per hit.
I have not seen anyone drop near that much with blasters.

While I like Lightsabres, they should not be the be all end all of everything, I can understand the canonical issue here as the REAL lightsabres (not light training foils) are pure energy based which can in the Star Wars universe cut, burn, and melt through most substances with little resistance. Though while this is cannon through the movies, there needs to be some kinda limit IG to keep things in balance to make other weapons be relevant at all.

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The damage is from pure str mod nothing else, I hit about the same on all melee weapons so it’s not a lightsaber thing, its a melee thing. I actually hit harder outside of lightsabers though.

I also don’t do 150 crits with saber I do 90, I do pretty high into triple digits with a 2 handed weapon though.

That is more an issue with dual wield and gear in general, than an issue of lightsabers. Since you can effectively use an offhand weapon as a pure stat item and thus have twice the stats you’d gain from a twohanded item like a blaster, etc.

My mistake then, that is still not getting out done by a blaster, once you figure in dual wielding giving you one attack over a blaster.
Even at near dex cap I am struggling to break into the mid 40s, and on a crit I can’t even break into the mid 50s.
I think having different enemies resistant to different attacks is fine. If sabers just ignored this mechanic then there would need to be some kind of counter balance to them.

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I don’t have attributes on my sabers actually, they’re just enchantment +

This I agree with 100%, I think sabres are pretty good without cutting through all DR as well.

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DR and DI on enemies in general is just… not cool. Not all builds are high damage and hurting them further for it sucks. It’s not an item problem but a mob problem in the end.


Honestly…its why Ira doesnt stick to just one weapon, she is skilled with a blaster just as much as she is martial and Sabres, a blaster rips right through them.

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Well the creatures in question are only resistant to slashing, you do bonus damage with a piercing, you have polearms, one handed vibros, throwing, and blasters that can do that. Or Bludgeon, which leaves you with one handed, and martial arts for full damage.
Sabers is the only slashing, well martial arts is exclusively bludgeon, and blasters are exclusively piercing, considering these tend to be what most people aim for I think this is fine.

And this is precisely what I mean with not making much sense in Lore. Most Jedi don’t ever go away or need anything else than their lightsabers because in Lore there really is no need to go for something else.

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Actually thats not entirely true, Jedi are well trained in hand to hand combat and if need be, I am sure others could be in there.

The Jedi also supplemented their skills in lightsaber combat with unarmed combat training.

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Yes, of course they do. I meant they don’t really use blasters or vibroweapons.