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Making this a public thread so I can get some general opinions on these ideas as a whole. Note, however, that they are NOT set in stone and may not even happen. Purely ideas for the sake of public opinions. I’ll also likely add on to this original thread as I have new ideas, and make a post to point out what I added so people know.

  1. Martial Arts XP for using Chi : Given that it’s actually a Martial Arts ability, I feel like the use of it should at least grant a little XP, maybe equivalent to how much it heals or something along those lines.
  2. Exploration Rewards : The idea here is for triggers in neat and interesting spots in various areas across the server that gives a bit of RP XP to the person for finding them. It actually comes from the systems we generally had back on the various iterations of Dark Hour, where you could get a badge and some XP for the exploration to spots. For example, that neat little shrine in the tree that Naia made in the new Wildlands could function as one.
  3. New Skills (Stealth, Lockpick, Hacking) : This is likely a bigger undertaking as it would mean a much larger impact on things as a whole, and would also likely need some sort of counter-skill in some cases (like Spot/Listen). That said, while I say those as separate skills, we could easily combined Stealth, Lockpicking, and Hacking into a single “Subterfuge” skill, and perks could be acquired through it for the focuses on different aspects of it. Likewise, with the counter-skill, we could do something like Perception in some way. Also not sure how much this sort of stuff has actually been planned out. Just feel like lacking some of these abilities pull away from stuff a little.
  4. Description/ Portrait/ Voiceset Editing Commands: We need some sort of command to be able to change some of these on the fly. I think it was mentioned we do have a portrait change command (though I’ve not seen it), but we really need something to be able to alter character descriptions and voicesets.
  5. Subdual Mode: I’d love it we had some sort of subdual mode. I know that we can easily RP things like sparring or like… bar fights, but it would be nice to initiate combat and RP it out while actually having the characters attacking each other, visually. (Possibly a zero damage weapon for such.)
  6. Parry/ Counter-Attack: Some sort of method, like Parry, where you can take a defensive stance that purely attacks based on riposting. Possibly even for ranged attacks, for Lightsaber users? This sort of thing is likely incredibly complex to manage, though.
  7. Cyborg as a Background/Profession: So this is more something that’s bothered me from the start. Why is Cyborg a “species” and not a background? Especially when any species can be a cyborg, rather than purely humans? Makes very little sense. With the thought of adding in cybernetics in the future, I’d honestly say it could be a good idea to make this shift along with that.
  8. Purchasing Ships: As things are now, players have to craft and piece together a ship for themselves. However, while this could be easily played off in a different way than building a ship, it makes very little sense, especially with the time it takes. I would say a better option would be to have stock ships available for purchase, and players could craft personal modifications for the ships. Just feels like this would make a great deal more sense, while also not completely removing the ship-based crafting.

So adding three to four new skills would be a pretty big undertaking, also remember we are capped at 500 skills total, so people that have such abilities would need to be spread even more thin.
For Stealth Lockpicking and Hacking however, I could see putting them as perks for existing skills.
Hacking could be justified as an electronics skill, lockpicking as a fabrication, and stealth could replace the current “Hide” ability for light armor. As for a counter to stealth, I would say put it as a general perk.

Exploration rewards sound interesting, but once they get found out they will just get people rushed to them instead of organic exploring.

MA should get xp for Chi agreed, but on that same token you don’t get xp for using other abilities with other perks, such as the healing shot with rifles. So it may need some thinking over because you also don’t want it to be too easy to hit cap with these abilities, especially ahead of all the other combat skills.

For the exploration rewards, I did think it would have people run to them. Though, that’s honestly something that would happen anywhere. People can be free to do so if they want, however, and others can just have fun with their natural exploration. Still feel it’s a good idea to toss in, anyways.

I do like the idea of having generalize XP increases from various skills, as well, that don’t already have them. In fact, it could also alleviate some of the excessive length of the grind. Not by a lot, but enough to where it’s not as frustrating and time consuming. Haha!

I do also like the idea regarding perks for existing skills. Though at the same time, some things still feel like they would work better under their own skill. Stealth in particular. Not sure I like the idea of a generalized skill like that falling under specifically Light Armour, for instance. I mean, obviously people wouldn’t really do well to use stealth with HEAVY armour, but definitely feels like locking it behind Light Armour in particular isn’t the greatest idea for something so general.

Is stealth really a general thing though?
It is not easy to be stealthy, and the force is going to get its own version of stealth through the force, I think having it put behind light armor further diversifies what each of them do.

I mean, the Force Cloak ability isn’t even gonna be open to everyone, regardless. Carries a Sentinel focus, but is also DM granted only. Stealth should be able to be used by anyone who really wishes to focus in it, tbh. Not just for those focusing on Light Armour. Another reason I say more it’s own skill is because it very likely would require it’s own huge set of scripts to solve how it even functions. But that’s a conversation on its own, trying to figure out how it would actually work without the actual NWN systems at play. Haha!

I will say I love and encourage the idea of 1 time exploring xp. First time you enter an area would give you the xp. It can be scaled even by how hard it is to get there.


Exploration exp would certainly be nice to have. As far hacking/slicing, lockpicking and stealth goes I think they should be perks in existing skill lines or the general categoy rather than new skills.
Martial arts exp for Chi use might be nice as well.

  1. Sounds cool

  2. Also sounds cool. I agree with Ira that every area could give a little xp cookie that scales depending on how hard the area is to find or get to (with exception to player buildings/apartments)

  3. I would have LOVED a system for lockpicking, stealth, and slicing that matches the feel of the ones in KOTOR (if I was still playing ;p). Like TYK said, they can be perks for already existing skill, but also add in another component to them that requires an item to use. Just like in KOTOR, slicing would require computer spikes, lockpicking would require security spikes/tunnelers, and stealth would require a stealth field generator (belt) ,or make them all fall under a single subterfuge skill that has perks for each, granting differing levels of proficiency in each of those items.

Yeah. The idea for items similar to KotOR definitely already came to mind. I think that’s very much the way to go about it, should we get to that point. Still very much a big undertaking, so even if we do figure something out for it, it’ll be quite some time before we can get it in. But yeah.

I don’t see the problem with adding a couple of extra skills but I would like to increase the 500 sp cap if there were more added. You’re tight enough as it is, and if your gonna add more skills it’s gonna be hard to build suddenly.

That said I feel like having skulduggery skills as their own skills works well for RP wise, but systems would been to be made in place for it to be worthwhile. It would be nice to have a slicing skill but is a slicing skill worth it? What would it be used on? What do people get from it? If it’s nothing meaningful why do we need a skill for it and not rp we can do it off an existing skill?

Stealth I see being useful but you would need a counter ability to try and spot stealthed characters or even creatures. I don’t mean the force one either but say another skill or perk that lets you roll to challenge their stealth roll.

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Call the hacking slicing to stay true to series/genre, please!

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^ THIS PLEASE!!! I have been asking for this since I joined, not having a description editor is a PITA!!!

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To be fair on point 4, portrait changing exists for dms. And description was originally in but the changes never worked, I do not know what became of it after everyone kinda gave up on it. It would be nice to fix descriptions but I don’t think portraits or voices should be changed without dms

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On the point of five, I’d like some no damage weapons for RP reasons. Would be nice to practice things with RP and visually show it.

this please, i want to beat the crap out of people and say they didn’t feel it because they repressed the memory of feeling the smack down i laid upon them.

On this topic, can we have the ability to rename bags so it is easier to sort them?

Added in another point. #6

The only way I can think of this working in nwn is a mixture of the Parry skill and deflect arrows to create it. Though the formula itself would be much more complicated then those ones since it would be going off every attack in a round and we don’t have skills for it to work off.