[Game of 20 Questions] Tara Renathi

No need for approval, Tara already has hers. Just thought I’d get her 20 questions finished and posted. Enjoy!

20 Questions
This is a variation of AEG’s 20 Questions used for character creation in their tabletop games of L5R and 7th Sea

  1. Where is your character from?
    She was born in Arbro City, Telos, but grew up at the Jedi Temple on Coruscant

  2. How would you physically describe your character?
    5’10, blue eyes, short blonde hair with two braids to signify her as a padowan. Athletic build.

  3. Does your character have recurring mannerisms?
    When she is stressed or frustrated, she often takes deep breaths to calm herself

  4. What is your character’s main motivation?
    The jedi order is all she’s ever known, and she has never wanted anything more than to become a knight of the order and live up to her [first] master’s expectations.

  5. What is your character’s greatest strength? greatest weakness?
    Weakness: Tara can be stubborn and also worries about being too arrogant so has begun to second guess herself at times. She often talks herself in circles when trying to address this.
    Strength: Tara has gotten much better showing compassion and is now very supportive of those around her and loyal to them.

  6. What are your character’s most and least favorite things?
    Least: Snails and other gastropods / most: Mixing chocolate and cinnamon

  7. What about your character’s psychology?
    Tara is very guarded in her emotions. She will however show emotion if she thinks it helps the situation, or if someone she’s dealing with benefits from it, such as comforting an injured friend. Overall, she keeps most of her emotions locked inside. She has developed a very dry sense of humor which is slowly starting to show more often.

  8. What is your character’s single greatest fear?
    Not being found fit to be a jedi, and unable to live up to the vision her master Karnz had for her. The order is all she’s ever known, and she doesn’t know how to be anything but a jedi. If she cant be a jedi, she has no idea what she would do with herself.

  9. What are your character’s highest ambitions, greatest love?
    Her highest ambition is to be a jedi knight and to help defeat whatever darkness it was that her master was sensing on the horizon (Darth Nihilus)

  10. What is your character’s opinion of where they are from?
    Tara doesn’t think about Telos often. She wanders about it from time to time, but has never actually spent any time on it after being shipped off to the jedi.

  11. Does your character have any prejudices?
    Sith, and to a lesser degree, more subtly, the chiss and hutts.

  12. Where do your character’s loyalties lie?
    The Jedi Order

  13. Is your character in love. Are they married or betrothed?
    No, no, and no.

  14. What about your character’s family?
    All her blood relatives are dead. Her parents were bakers from Telos killed in a mob hit when she was an infant. The only family she knows is the order.

  15. How would your character’s parents describe them?
    They never knew her, but if they did, they would probably say she is too closed off and afraid to experience life. (typical non jedi opinion of jedi)

  16. Is your character from high society or the dregs of the underworld? Is he a gentleman or a scoundrel?
    She was born in the lower levels of a large city on Telos. However this has no bearing on her personality or life in general as she was too young to remember that place when she was sent to the jedi. All she knows is the jedi, though during her training, her master traveled her around to many places in the mid and outer rims.

  17. Is your character religious?
    She is a jedi, and leans more towards the traditional side.

  18. Is your character a member of a guild, club, or secret society?
    The Jedi Order

  19. What does your character think of the force?
    Her views on the force are very traditional as a jedi.

  20. If you could, what advice would you give your character?
    “Hey, when you get an invite to a big meeting on the world of Katar, make sure you show up fashionably late…”

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(had to fix a bunch of mentions of her home planet. Supposed to be Telos, not Taris. I always get those two mixed up!)